Our Services

Pronto RJ is specialized in the art of entertainment, offering a wide range of services for commercial, institutional or governmental strategies to strength and promote their target group.

Cultural and Commercial consultancy
Strategies, concepts and implementations of Marketing and Sponsorship actions
We provide expertise and resources to develop and exceed strategic or commercial objectives to unify interests of a brand, federation or governing body. The team of PRONTO RJ offers a broad range specialized in cultural consultancy, creating positive synergies of Brazilian and foreign markets.
Corporate and Cultural Events
Creation, Management & Operation
Creation and implementation of cultural and entertainment events for long term benefits of our clients. The team is experienced working with companies, institutions and governmental authorities. We assist with all conceptual and logistical processes to provide a successful and unique event.
Hospitality Services
Planning and Operation
Exclusive development of different levels of Hospitality Programs, creating unique atmospheres for clients and guest, in order to promote natural networking. The logistic procedure offers efficient planning and execution that includes:
Identification of hospitality and networking locations, managing transportation and accommodation, local negotiations and contracts, design and production, exclusive touristic programs, staff and security management, operational delivery and on site management.
Scenography and Design
Creation and Implementation
The creative team projects, executes and produces scenography and design concepts for events, conventions, stands and VIP lounges for different segments and interests.
Integrated Communication
Team Building and Workshops
Pronto RJ’s objective is to develop incentive tools to generate positive results in the formation of successful teams (companies, sport federeations, institutions). We assist in developing new strategies or implement on site projects based on the client´s concept, in order to better activate their target market.